All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good (wo)men do nothing.

California Conservative conference


David Carney

 Since  1980, Mr. Carney has been involved in Republican politics, as well as  both state and federal government. His experience has brought him a  unique understanding of the relationship between political strategy and  public policy.

During  the past decade, Mr. Carney has helped dozens of campaigns at both the  statewide and congressional levels including Governor Greg Abbott (TX),  Governor Rick Perry (TX), and Senator John Barrasso (WY).

He  has served as senior advisor on multiple presidential campaigns.  As  well as Special Assistant to the President and White House Director of  Political Affairs in the administration of George H.W. Bush.

Current Advisor to the Assembly and Senate Republican Caucuses 

State Senator Mike Morrell

Senator Mike Morrell was born and raised in California. He was married here, raised his family here, and opened two corporations here, Provident Home Loans and Provident Realty, both incorporated in 1989. 

Senator Morrell now represents California’s 23rd State Senate District. He serves on five Senate committees, including as Vice Chair of the Committee on Housing and the Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement.

Senator Morrell regularly receives high marks from the National Federation of Independent Business, the California Chamber of Commerce, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. He has also been named Legislator of the Year by the Military Officers Association of America.

Senator Morrell and his wife, Joanie, have been married for 41 years and have three adult children. Their daughter Kristen’s first priority is her family and she also teaches on American exceptionalism at Arizona Christian University. Their oldest son, David, serves as legal counsel at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Matthew, their youngest, works as an operations manager for a commercial development company in Arlington, Virginia. 

Steve Frank

Steve  Frank is a long time political activist, starting in 1960 walking  precincts for Richard Nixon.  He went on to work for Goldwater in 1964,  Reagan for governor as regional youth chair and in 1968 as State Chair  Youth for Nixon in the General Election--he was in the Army in Viet Nam  for the Primary.

He is the editor of the California  Political News and Views since 1996.  He also tours the State speaking  to political and community groups, trains candidates and volunteers in  campaign techniques.  While doing this he does several radio interviews  around the State.

A past member of the California  Republican Party Board of Director and eight years as Parliamentarian.   Steve is a current member of the Board of the Tea Party California  Caucus.

Pat Har

Pat  Har works as a software architect at a Fortune 500 company. He has 25+  years of software development experience working with multiple startups  and big corporations. Pat has deep expertise on computer software,  website development, mobile development and social media.

Pat  is a naturalized American citizen and has been in America almost 20  years. Pat is passionate about teaching and coaching conservatives to  learn to use technology effectively. He volunteers for Take California  Back, and lives in the very liberal Silicon Valley with his family.

Guillermo Moreno

Raised as a Democrat, out of family tradition, Guillermo attended San Joaquin Memorial High School and headed to Andrews University and Michigan State Law School. Instead of pursing a legal career, Guillermo returned home to Fresno to serve low-income seniors and start two small businesses. Guillermo broke family tradition, and became a Republican during law school.. He also held the office of Associate Representative to the California Republican Party.

Guillermo is currently the Chief Operating Officer for the largest senior citizens low income housing community in Central CA serving over 800 senior citizens. He also serves as the Chief Operating Officer for TalkRadio 1680 KGED. You can hear him on the air waves of 1680 every day from 5 to 7 pm or watch him on local television station 32.3. The few remaining hours he has in the day he enjoys spending time with his wife Estere who is a Physical Therapist for Corcoran State Prison. 

Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson has been a volunteer for conservative causes and Republican candidates since he was 16 years old. He joined the Berkeley College Republicans at U.C. Berkeley when he turned 18 in 1985 and he was soon elected to the Alameda County Republican Central Committee. He served as the youngest Chairman in the history of the Alameda County Republican Party from 1995 to 1996. Tom has the unique distinction among Republican volunteers in California of having been elected to the county central committee in five different counties – and he served as an officer in all five of them! He has been an active member of the Placer County Republican Central Committee since 1998 and he served as its Chairman from 2007 to 2011.

Tom has held a wide variety of positions in the California Republican Party, including service on the Board of Directors, and he is among the longest-serving members of the Executive Committee. While in college and law school, Tom Hudson served as the State Chairman and National Vice Chairman of the College Republicans. He served as the National Committeeman for the Young Republican Federation of California. He joined the California Republican Assembly in 1987 and he joined the state Board of Directors in 1992, where he has served ever since. He served as CRA President from 2015 until 2019. Tom is currently serving as the Vice President of National Federation of Republican Assemblies and he has served on the National Board since 2007.

Tom is a tax attorney by profession and he currently serves as a senior Tax Counsel at the new Office of Tax Appeals. He previously handled tax appeals for four different Republican members of the Board of Equalization for 13 years. Before that, Tom spent almost a decade as a Legislative staff member. In addition to running a private law firm, Tom has also been very active in taxpayer-friendly organizations. He has been running the California Taxpayer Protection Committee since 2004 and he also serves as President of the Placer County Taxpayers Association. He is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Naval Reserves and a graduate of UCLA Law School.

Randall Jordan

 Randall Jordan served as trustee for Pleasant Valley school district in 

North San Luis Obispo for eight years from 1988 to 1994 and is a. Founding 

Member of the North San Luis Obispo county tea party established October 

2010. He was elected to the San Luis Obispo republican central committee in 

2012, serving as district 1 chair and member of the executive 

Committee. Seeing the need for a conservative voice at the California 

Republican conventions, he founded the tea party California caucus with 

Other local tea party leaders throughout California. He currently serves as the chair of the San Luis Obispo central committee and chairman of the tea party California caucus.

Randall is self-employed and runs Palomar homes--a 34-year custom home construction company—with his wife Mary and has built hundreds of homes throughout San Luis Obispo county. He and Mary have been married for 46 years, having four sons ranging in age from 26 to 40 years old, and four beautiful grandchildren.

John "Woody" Woodrum


POLITICAL RESUME:Married to Donna for 43 years, 3 children, 7 Grand Children, 2 Great Grand Children, Retired USN Submarine Service Veteran, Businessman 

· California Republican Congressional Nominee, 53rdDistrict, 2006

· Active Member San Diego County GOP Central Committee since 2007

· CAGOP Voting Delegate since 2007

· Founded Eagle Forum San Diego2009-2017

· Founding Member and Board of Directors of Tea Party California Caucus; 2012

· CAGOP Rules Committee member; 2014

· Trump Campaign Chairman for Volunteers 2016, CA Nominating Committee Delegate Vetting Committee 2016

· Founded California Screaming Eagles; division of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles National Organization 2017

· Elected to CAGOP Executive committee 2017

· Contributing Conservative Co-Host and Syndicated Red State Radio Speaker 2017


· Named after the US Army’s 101stAirborne Division – paratroopers that drop in behind enemy lines, to soften the enemy for the ground troops to come in and take charge

· If you are a Conservative in California, you ARE behind enemy lines.

· California Screaming Eagles is a group that is going to Make California Golden Again…but not without you in our army.


(subject to change)

Friday, July 19


2:00 pm — Welcome • Introductions • Explanation of Agenda

2:20 pm — Status of Conservative Movement in California

3:00 pm  — The 2020 Elections – What is at Stake?

3:45 pm — NETWORKING BREAK – 15 minutes

4:00 pm — Importance of Central Committee’s, Volunteer Clubs and Single-Issue Organizations Tom Hudson

5:00 pm — Social Media and its Importance

6:00 pm — NETWORKING BREAK - 30 minutes

6:30 pm — DINNER with State Senator Mike Morrell

Saturday, July 20


   9:00 am — How to Organize a Campaign

   9:45 am — Legal Issues of Volunteers, Churches and Campaigns

10:30 am — NETWORKING BREAK – 15 minutes

10:45 am — Precincts, Volunteer Recruitment

12:15 pm — LUNCH with David Carney

  1:30 pm — Potential Issues, Policies and Ballot Measures for 2020  

  2:45 pm — Permanent Coalitions—for Fund Raising and Voter Registration  

  3:30 pm — NETWORKING BREAK – 15 minutes

  3:45 pm — Strategy Discussion • Goal Setting • Accountability

  5:00 pm — Wrap Up • Thank you

  5:15 pm — Adjournment


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Tickets $99

Includes a light breakfast, lunch and dinner

Event Location

Wyndham Garden Hotel, Fresno, CA - Reserve your room.

A special hotel rate for the conference is available by calling in on or before 6/27/19.  After this date, unreserved rooms in the conference block will be released. Conference room rate is $89 plus 13.7% hotel tax per room.

Hotel Reservations


Call 805.238.5514

Training Focus

•  Organizing conservatives to fight the common cause of socialism statewide.

•  Connecting with leading groups across this state to build a stronger coalition.

•  Learning socialist strategies being used against us.

•  Getting trained in how to fight back for conservative and American ideals.

•  Learning how to organize and win with or without your party's support.

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